vBulletin vs. MyBB

If you evaluated both MyBB and VB (forum only, NOT CMS & blog) can you say which features VB forum have that MyBB does not have?

All of the top forums use the VB platform its the one to use if you are going to make a go of the forum.

yea I’m going to go with vb, started with it and can’t be bothered changing now heheh.

mybb is good but vb is fast and recommended by many people.

vBulletin has hundreds of features that myBB doesn’t have and is tested on 100 times as many sites. That said, I do like to see competition and hope the myBB will keep getting better. You do see people using it, and maybe you should try it too. Sometimes its nice to join up with a software group that is growing.

vBulletin 4 sure