Using Mobile Apps for e commerce would be best

Is using Mobile apps for the e commerce the best option to get more exposure and revenue …Please let me know your thoughts.

People want absolutes but in business there are few. Mobile can be a great platform to grow persistent use but that doesn’t mean it should be the only approach or the first one for all businesses… If you’re a standard store without any specific draw or curation why would someone install your app just to see what you sell? There needs to be a reason to ask for that level of a jump…


Thanks for the quick reply and is highly praised. But I want to intrigue here by adding that there lies a huge difference between ecommerce and mobile commerce. My perspective is not just the handy and portable view of mobile devices than the website.

Mobile commerce are fast to reach and mobile marketing offers offer the opportunity to reach more audiences. The proliferation of smart phone usage and dependence does not discriminate: it’s worldwide. For marketers who implement a consistent mobile marketing system, this means reaching more customer groups that were diffculty to reach via more traditional forms of marketing.

Location of the consumer is no longer an issue, resulting in ease of acquiring customers. With mobile marketing, retailers can reach customers anytime, anywhere. This translates to greater marketing reach, and effciency in customer acquisition.

Phil Talbot

Yes, mobile apps are being developed in millions.Also with the advent of ecommerce , people love to purchase the products using these apps.