Mobile Phones (Android and Iphone) for Ecommerce

I have an Ecommerce website, with which I’m getting many visitors per day and selling well in regular Browsers (Internet Explorer, and Firefox)

In the past month i’ve had 390 visits with the Iphone and 231 visits on the Android.

My question is, would it be worth it to make a Mobile version of the website? Are people ordering products using a mobile phones?

What is your guys experiences?

JordashTalon, the great thing about the iPhone and Android device is that they are the two devices which support modern standards, desktop rendering engines and actually can visit pages without needing handheld specific stylesheets or a separate design. You could make a mobile specific website (people tend to use a subdomain like to increase the speed it loads at in slow WiFi regions (which would be useful) but it’s not really an issue for those two. People do order things through mobile devices, in fact it’s becoming big business. If you find other devices using your site (such as the blackberry or IEMobile devices, etc) then I would go with a separate cleaner less frilly design. Hope the information is useful (it’s nice to see people being more aware of mobile devices) :slight_smile:

That’s good to know

I guess my question then is, why are we not getting any orders on the Iphone or Android, out of 600 visitors combined you think their would have been at least a few orders?

What are you selling? It depends on the goods and services, if your selling a software product for the PC (for example) it won’t be of much use to the average iPhone user. The kinds of things which sell well are physical products (stuff which can be mailed), web applications (usable on the device) or device specific tools and utilities (via app stores). If it is something like that, perhaps ask your visitors what would make them buy using their mobile device, never be afraid to ask your customers! :slight_smile:

I’m selling Physical Products so I guess they should be selling well. I think i’ll make a and see how well it does.

Thanks for your suggestions.