Future of E-Commerce

I just came across an interesting article on Mashable about the future predictions of E-Commerce from 10 famous founders/entrepreneurs that I thought I would share with you all. Most of them said that custom designs, high-tech innovations and virtual systems might be the future in e-business.

What do guys think of this?

Ecommerce will achieve past the desktop, will be concentrating on more on mobile, tablets and other easily transportable equipment. And social will be even much more interesting. Online marketing will be all about customer centric content and customer reviews. People today will be believing opinions and social content more than organization produced web content.

I agree totally. since internet access is no longer limited to just computers, ecommerce will have a bigger market to target i.e the smartphone and tablet users. Also social media is gonna play an important role in getting business to online stores. Word-of-mouth has become word-of-social networking sites! :wink:

I totally agree with Eric Koester’s comment about ‘360-Degree Customer Engagement’! Customers engage with companies across several different platforms! Therefore, it is important to connect with your customers by always providing fresh content on your site and especially using social media, blogging, forums, and having a mobile-friendly site to keep your customers engaged!!

Now a days many people are using Smartphones, iPad for online shopping and get more information about products and services so in future it will be more effective. Social media also gives more weightage on online marketing and it has also increased traffic to your site.

Nowadays a lot of e-commerce owners are already switching to m-commerce. It has a lot of extra-opportunities both for owners and for users. Mobile apps bring high customer satisfaction from the shopping experience of a favorite brand. Apps can save purchase history and give recommendations on products and services. This software is very suitable for increasing and supporting customer loyalty.

Yes, future of e commerce is bright in coming time. Because due to increase in world’s population there is huge rush can be seen in all public places. Everybody is in hurry and want to save time. E commerce can surely help us in future in this concern by saving time and energy.