How to develop mobile commerce site?


My client has asked me to develop a mobile site for their e-commerce business. They used Magento for their e-commerce site. I looked at different options available but can’t decide what is the best. The options are:

  1. Use Magento’s Mobile App. This seems ok except that it’s little too expensive for my client’s size and we both agreed that mobile web is better for us than mobile app.

  2. Use Magento’s iPhone Themes. I saw that there are some themes developed for mobile phones. These costs around $150. However, we are concerned that using a template and running Magento for our mobile site would degrade the performance. My client wants the mobile site to be highly optimized and fast.

  3. I can write a new web application from scratch and make it target mobile devices. In this case, I’d have to get the data from Magento either by web services or some other means.

What do you guys think is the best option? Also, are there any other alternatives that I’m not aware of?

Thank you.

Seong Bae

Definitely Magento’s Mobile App.

is there anything else on the market than Magento that works well and is cheap??

Since the platform that your client uses is magento, I would go with magento mobile theme, that you list as #2. That way you do not need to do anything special with integration and maintaining separate place.

Always similar and simple methodologies apply for mobile simple screen size. Keep visually more efficient then the main site. Heckout of the Mobile commerce site should be smooth and easy. Make the site easy as much as possible to find a product. Make the site simple for users to locate.

Megneto is best in this regards, It is better to stay with it on.