Using browser developer tools like Chrome


Ive never used any developer tools in IE/FF/Chrome etc but want to see what Im missing. I loaded up the inspector in Chrome to have a look around but Im lost already. Are there any simple guides to getting started, how it all functions and how it can be used?

Sorry for noob questioning :slight_smile:


Chrome’s/Safari’s inspector, FF’s FireBug plugin and IE’s Dev Toolbar are all similar, so if you can understand any one of them, you’ll have a pretty good grasp on the others.

Since Google is so good at documentation (at least better in this case), start here, with Google’s intro to the dev tools and then take a look at the [URL=“”]dev tools tutorial by Google as well.

Have fun and good luck!

P.S. - I also recommend the Web Developer Toolbar Plugin and Extension for FF & Chrome, respectively. Helpful for development.
FireFox’s Web Dev Toolbar Plugin - [URL=“”]Google’s Web Dev Toolbar Extension