Debugging in chrome dev tool

I saw this neat tutorial by php academy where they were able to check other browser compatibility directly from the chrome browser.
I looked at the settings but did not see that feature.
Anyone here knows how to activate it?
Thank you

Simply press F12 on your keyboard, its the same in other browsers as well.

I’ve not heard of that, but it sounds a bit unlikely to me. Could you say a bit more about it? The only reliable way to test any browser is in the browser itself.

chris, actually f12 that turns off/on the wifi on my laptop.

Ralph I saw it used in a phpacademy video. the one on "CSS/CSS3 Tutorials: Image Overlay Effect (Part 2/2) " a while back. went to check
chrome settings and did find something like that maybe…but not sure. I attached an image but don’t know what “overrides”/user agent does (will have to google that unless someone here know :-))
however…i just reviewing the video and it looks like you I right and while multi tasking I misunderstood. at 11:35 on the time line I thought he was using chrome. looks like he is using ie and can check the various versions.

O, right. That’s Chrome. If you right click on a page in Chrome and select Inspect Element it will open the dev tools. Then you clikc the button bottom right of Chrome, and another box pops up. Near the top left of that, there’s an “overrides” link, which brings up that list of user agents.

I doubt such a tool is very accurate, but better than nothing, I guess. Remember to return to the normal setting afterwards, anyhow. :slight_smile:

In chrome, ie, safari you only press f12 and use fire bug addon if you’re using firefox :slight_smile: Hope it’s help