Favorite browser developer tools?

I have always loved using Firebug for my browser specific developer tool because of the fast loading times, the nice button i could just click on to enable it, and the ease of use and navigation. I’ve recently started to really enjoy using Opera’s Dragonfly. I love the color palette that it has as well the awesome zoom feature that Opera has built in. So my question is what is your favorite set of browser specific developer tools and why can’t you live without them?

I’m pretty attached to Firebug and the other Dev tool add-ons for Firefox, but am finding that Chrome’s dev tools are excellent, too. I used not to like Dragonfly, but it’s probably improved a lot, so I should check it out again. I do believe Opera is the best browser overall.

I know what you mean, Dragonfly used to be slow and all around not fun to use, but I gave it a try again a couple weeks ago and it really impressed me. Opera is my favorite browser anyways so it was a great fit.

I’ve only recently conceded that the Chrome tools have caught up with Firebug. I’ll have another look at Firefly, then, as (in my heart of hearts) I’d like Opera to be my default browser. But ooh aah, Chrome does have a lot of nice app add-ons, I’m now finding. :slight_smile:

One other thing that I like in Opera is the way that it displays how many elements are loading. It doesn’t really mean all that much to me but I still like to watch it, haha.

Pretty sure the dev tools in other browsers do that too—or at least they show you all the elements that were loaded into the page.

Oh I was actually just talking about the element loading bar in the address bar not in the actual dev tools :smiley:

Firebug and Dev Web tool bar

Firebug without a doubt, but I’ve recently began to use Chrome Dev Tools - faster, crashes less, and not that different from Firebug to be honest.