CPanel/CentOS: Best way to go about setting up version control software

Quick info:
CPanel / Centos Server
Remote Dedicated Server
Ruby on Rails enabled for CPanel users
Limited SSH support for specific users.

I tried to get this setup and although I managed to get redmine working, it is unable to connect to the GIT repository I installed. I’m open to alternatives to both redmine and GIT. I have no problem starting from scratch in a different direction.

I did everything via root through SSH. However I’m wondering if maybe I should have done everything as a CPanel user with Ruby on Raid support and SSH access. Or whether there is a completely different way of doing it altogether.

Me and my partner work remotely from different locations. This makes it difficult to keep track of eachothers work. We develop PHP applications.

Basically need someting that:

  1. Allows us to commit files, to keep track of changes.
  2. Makes it easy to create a changelog
  3. Allows us to better organize bug reports and fixes/patches
  4. Web based tracker system if possible

I’ve been struggling for months trying to find a solution, but most I have found deal with people working via a LAN of some sort and not remotely.

Can someone please point me to the right direction as to what I need to accomplish such a system. I truly am stumped when it comes to this.

Thank you in advance.

Someone suggested the following below. However my question is, if anyone knows:

Would I install trac by logging in jailed ssh cpanel user, or is this done by root? I think the problem with my current redmine/GIT combination is it was installed via root and there’s a permissions problem since the git repository is in a cpanel user account.

So basically I’ll log into WHM and install those 3 rpms listed… then install trac via cpanel user ssh… or root?

I’m quite new to this, but I pick up pretty quickly. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Have you looked into Apache Subversion?

You could use yum to install it on a Centos server. You could even do it via WHM -> Software -> Install RPM, but afaik, it shouldn’t make a difference.

subversion : Modern Version Control System designed to replace CVS
subversion-devel : Development package for Subversion developers
subversion-ruby : Ruby bindings to the Subversion libraries

Then there’s also Trac, which supports Subversion. Trac can also be installed using yum.

I am looking for the same and would be great to hear if anyone have experience with this.