Where do I download Cent OS Complete package?

Hi Everyone on the Board,
I beleive sitepoint forum is the among a good resource on the web.
Actually I was searching for Cent OS complete version, but I could be able to only download Cent OS live CD. I can’t find the resource where I can download the complete Cent OS package version 5 or higher. As we know Cent OS is the one popular among the Linux distros. The website centos.org may contain the complete version. But I couldn’t be able to find the right URL. If anyone knows and tell me the right place to download the Cent OS complete version, I would greatly appreciate it

There is no “complete version” as you call it. The Live CD is the installer as well as being a Live CD environment.
Index of /centos/5/isos

I have downloaded Cent OS Live CD and tried to install it
But I was not able to install it, it only allowed me to Cent OS Live CD environment.
What I am expecting is that I would like to install Cent OS version 5+ on my machine as a second OS. I downloaded the Cent OS Live CD from the same website as you have mentioned here. How can I get the job done

Installation Guide: CentOS 5.1 Desktop | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

I already referred the above link that you have posted here
I have Cent OS Live CD 5.1, When I attempt to install the Cent OS in my machine It doesn’t prompt me to install the Desktop version. It take me to Cent OS Live Cd environment instead of installing Cent OS on my machine

You are downloading the one labeled “Live CD” aren’t you?

Yes downloading live CD will help you. But need to find correct resource to download it.