Use this to complain about something.. anything


My complaint today? All the spam calls and robocalls I get.


nomorobo works wonders…


I tried leaflet the other day and only took a morning to setup a geojson file pulling results from mysql to display on the map, also added different map layers.

If i understand correctly you get a base map but you can use other maps people have created so it could be a much more detailed overlay of streets or topography etc.

Also was able to quickly add a sleep function that means you can scroll past the map without it zooming until you hover or click the map.

Seems pretty good so far. Still working on a couple of other bits


just had an amusing email from my energy supplier

Ofgem, the regulator for electricity and gas suppliers in Great Britain, is set to bring in a cap on the rates that consumers can pay for default energy tariffs.
The cap means that we have had to change the prices and remove our dual fuel discount from our Standard Variable tariff.

So by capping the price to ‘save’ the consumer money all of the prices they list have gone up except for gas which has dropped 0.37 of a pence.

luckily i am changing supplier and awaiting change over date but it is funny it’s been capped and has increased!


I have a feeling that someone is going to be doing a LOT of complaining after what happened here:

WHO thinks that firing flaming shotgun rounds INDOORS is a good idea?


Another complaint… the poor quality Captcha photos.

A possible solution?


I’ll be in Adobe forums if anybody needs me.


Good to have thread. :slight_smile:

I’m absolutely fed up with the annoying hamburger menus that replaces the navbar in more and more sites at my preferred browser width, I always use at least two adjacent windows on desktop!

By time those ingeneous web designers sets the media queries to swap in the hamburger at wider and wider viewports.

Nowadays it seems mandatory at under 990px to 1200px. WTF??? :frowning_face:

My preferred viewport is about 950px. Horizontal scrolling I can live with, but the hamburger on desktop, absolutely not!

Can’t the hamburger be an opt out on sites?


Don’t hate me but I almost always set my desktop breakpoint in Sass to be 1000px because of those damn designers :stuck_out_tongue: . I just need more room!!!


Now I’m annoyed I can’t crank up the resolution on my last old laptop’s 18.4" LED display, like I could on the decade older 21" CRT display.

Or can I scale the pixels to a more modern density? :thinking:


(I’ve placed this here as I don’t know where else it should go).

I’m annoyed that I’ve opened the forum this morning, and this is what I see:

If I open the site using Chrome, it comes up as usual (after the palaver of trying to find my password). But on my preferred browser (IE11 on Win7), nothing. Right-click and view source and there’s loads there, it just doesn’t render. It worked OK yesterday.

But I don’t like Chrome, I like using IE where everything is where it should be. And if it really is IE-related, it needs to come up and say “sorry, for some reason the software that worked perfectly well on IE yesterday now no longer works on it”, not just display a blank screen. Given this is a web development forum, it’s a pretty poor show for it to just go blank. Someone at Discourse needs to do a bit more checking.

Unless it’s a temporary thing, of course, which I hope it is. But it could say something, give a bit of advance warning, “road closed here until Thursday”, something like that.


I am tired to complain mostly about weather and things I have to do when I hate them.


I tried this out and got the same result, nothing at all.

It has been reported, so someone will be looking at it.
Though it looks like IE has very low usage these days and is starting to fall out of favour with supporting sites (like that or not).



… give a bit of advance warning, “road closed here until Thursday”, something like that.

Ironically, this morning in my email I stumbled across the following:

Regular users may know that I am a big fan of the because of how their web pages restrict certain CSS and all user’s JavaScript code and only allow their own proprietary scripts.

Their tried and tested scripts ensure rapid "above the fold" rendering which is far better than displaying a blank page until all the page has loaded but…

…coupled with Wordpress I sincerely hope this trend never ever catches on because I honestly gave up trying to scroll to the bottom of the following page… and believe me I certainly tried :slight_smile:


I did a quick check, and I must admit that I was surprised to see just how low IE usage had dropped. It is starting to look as if I will have no choice but to switch at some point. I guess I should have seen the signs when I noticed that selecting code to copy/paste or quote had become very hit-and-miss.

I can’t quite decide whether I would be more annoyed if the site came up with an “IE no longer supported” message rather than just doing what it does. I don’t see why it can’t detect that I am on IE and use the version of the forum software that was working perfectly well this time last week, and maybe have me accept a tick-box to acknowledge that some new stuff might not work properly. I’m sure there will be a “security issue” that makes this impossible.


And it’s back working on IE again, which is great. I suppose I should put this in the “praise” thread really.


It was an ad problem, which SPHQ removed once they were alerted to the problem. Thanks for reporting it to us!



I feel your pain! :biggrin:



my preferred browser (IE11 on Win7)

Friends, this is a cry for help. It’s time for an intervention. Friends don’t let Friends use IE.

As clearly documented in the IE End User Agreement (EULA)

Microsoft Engineers have provided Internet Explorer as a free tool to download browsers that adhere to industry standards not supported by Microsoft products. Any other use is at your own risk. Microsoft assumes no liability for use not covered by this EULA.

For best results, Internet Explorer should be disabled after installing a Standards Compliant Browser by following the provided instructions in “How to disable Internet Explorer on Windows”.


This is a complaint about tall guys. I’m a short fellow and every time I use the urinal stalls, tall guys always use the shortest stalls and that forces me to use the taller stalls. You know, my pelvic area can’t reach that high. Shame on you tall guys!!! I thought height matters!?!?