Use this to complain about something.. anything


Well… ALMOST anything… as I understand it, we’re not supposed to use this for politics or religion… so… yeah.

But, otherwise, no flaming, please keep profanity out, and gently vent. I’ll start.

Last night I got an automated call informing me that the base where I work will be using “delayed reporting” with a time of 1000 local time. I typically get here on delayed reporting days at my usual time because I don’t have copious amounts of PTO time to burn.

I arrived at work at 0745 local time, this morning. After I sat at my desk and checked email, I received a notice that the base is closed, today. They sent it out AFTER my arrival at work. (sigh)

Okay… your turn. :slight_smile:


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I still don’t know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.


I know! Right? Stupid, lying owl.


Why does some coffee cost more than others? I really don’t understand. I bought a mocha coffee from my local gas station and it cost like $3.50 USD. So I decided to go to my local Mc Donald’s because I thought that was a little too expensive. I go in and buy a large mocha coffee and it costs like $3.00 something. I go in a different day at Mc. Donald’s and they gave me a small and charged me the same price as the large. Like what??? I don’t know if it’s because I’m picking mocha, but I then decide to go back to the local gas station to buy coffee. Went to the crappier coffee machine and got caramel coffee instead of mocha. A large is also $1.59 USD. Like what??? Stupid coffee prices.


It’s been YEARS, and they still haven’t told us whether it was Maybelline or not!


Why do we still not know how much wood a wood chuck would chuck?


I do not like JSFiddle at the best of times. :unhappy:

In answer to a question in another forum I edited this code…

…to this…

The javascript worked OK, but it should not have done so,
because it actually contains two errors.:wonky:

Is my complaint just a one-off oddity or a very serious
flaw in the site’s coding? :eek:




OK, then who let the dogs out?


I think McD’s is doing the same with their coffee that they are doing with their soda - every size, same price.

But, yeah… wtf???


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I almost nose-launched my Diet Mt Dew. Thanks.


Elderly parents. Need I say more?


You’re wondering how they lasted long enough to be elderly being your parents? :shifty:


Nah. Don’t get me wrong. I love my parents and consider myself fortunate that I still have them in my life. But they are 80 years old. Mom complains a lot. Dad keeps repeating himself, telling me things over and over that are completely irrelevant to anything. Mom has been in a wheelchair for the last year due to health issues, and only just recently started doing PT. Thankfully, I am not bathing and/or changing diapers, so it hasn’t gotten THAT bad. But, still.

I think they are getting revenge for my early childhood. :exploding_head:


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I have just installed an IOT app onto a NAS and it is using the same amount of RAM Windows 10 needs and the CPU keeps peaking at 98% and I do not have anything running on it yet!


being told your domain renew is going to happen on the 23/dec/2018 only to receive an email is morning saying it’s been renewed?! Now i’ve got to phone godaddy as i didn’t want it to renew and i literally checked to make of the renewal date so i didn’t get caught out. The other domain also set to renew on the 23rd didn’t so i don’t know why the one bothered and the other didn’t?


Doesn’t GoDaddy give you the option to set the domain not to auto-renew? I’ve done that with a couple of domains I wanted to expire and it’s worked as expected. (I’m not with GoDaddy.)


yep although i was intending to cancel. They sent an email the other day saying when it was going to auto renew and i didn’t have time at that point to log in and change it but it said it wasn’t going to autorenew until the 23rd so i still had time to cancel it as it’s only the 10th. But for some reason they have jumped the gun. But only on 1 of the 2?!


You only intended to cancel that 1, didn’t you?


I want to cancel both but they auto renewed one already. the second i’ve cancelled the autorenew today before they took any money. Both had a renew date of 23rd. will be calling them to find out why. Just one of those things to ensure the ‘to-do’ list doesn’t run empty :slight_smile: