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hey, new here…
love this idea cuz im so frustrated!!!
i just started a new job and i hate people who dont want to let you park in their parking spot even though they dont need it!!! like wtf? i dont get it…


Could someone please 'splain something to me???

Where I work, they just recently started blocking Google Images. (Which is going to kill my ability to post funny signs.)

When I complained about it to network support, the response was: “Yes, we are intentionally blocking Google Images. However, if you require any images, you can use Bing Images.”

We’re blocking GOOGLE images, but can access BING images. Are we now making a product endorsement???

UPDATE: Okay, I got the “official” explanation. We are using BlueCoat for proxy filtering. BlueCoat has categorised Google Images as “potentially adult/mixed”, but not Bing.


My first thought was that you too had begin blocking Google Map.

Google now wants to be paid for using Google Map. Even if the site isn’t commercial. Last week I received an email from a site that has blocked Google Map since they can’t afford the charges.

The site is a portal for local hometown associations all over the country. It has a service that use the map for people to locate places they want to share. They has about 800 000 visitors per month using the service and are now trying to negotiate a pay they can afford.

I think they could use the governments map instead, they has an API for that and the service is free for also this type of use. We’ll see. :slight_smile:


How about


They aren’t that detailed on the countryside last I checked, but thanks for the tip.

I haven’t used them much yet but I’ve downloaded and tried to edit local maps to load in a small pocket GPS. There are also some nice tools for Linux. :slight_smile:


I gave up on Google maps years ago when I couldn’t get them to correct an error in street names in the area immediately beside our house/business. OpenStreetMap at least assumes if you live here, you know better than some business in California what the streets are called. banghead

Also, Google data largely relies on its cars, so pedestrian ways, footpaths, bike paths etc. don’t feature. We are most easily reached via a path which is not on Google maps. OpenStreetMap includes all these things. We’ve found the mobile app great for getting around on holiday, helping us discover shortcuts and pedestrian routes unknown to Google.


HelpDesk actually called me to explain what is going on. We can expect restrictions to increase due to a policy of limiting non-work-related activity on the internet.



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lol, google maps has my driveway as the correct spelling of the nearby incorrectly spelled street. Every so often someone pulls into my driveway asking me where the actual street is. I sent an email to google maps asking them to correct their data years ago but they haven’t yet. Maybe I need to file some sort of lawsuit to get them to act.


Huh…You used to be able to edit the results directly on the maps.

They used to have our house pinpointed across the street and down the street a bit, which was in the middle of a creek. I was able to get the marker moved over our house using the option, and it’s stuck since then.

Darned if I can figure out how to do it now.


I don’t think you can. They don’t seem to care. I tried to get our road name corrected some years ago. They weren’t interested.


Did you do it via email, or use the report data problem option in the maps?

I’ve found that google doesn’t deal with issues via email (like ever), but they do deal with stuff if you use their other mechanisms (I’ve got their cell phone plan and have used their support mechanisms a couple times)


The latter. I did receive a reply but no reply to my reply (if you get me).


They changed it a while back. There used to be a thing “Google Map Maker” where you could make edits, but it was discontinued. Now I think it works via their “Local Guides” programme, so I think maybe you have to sign up as a guide to make edits.
As it was, it wasn’t like a “Wiki” like Openmaps, where you edit as you please, edits had to be approved by others before they were adopted. I guess to avoid people spamming, deliberately defacing or making blatantly false edits.


I used the “report data problem” or whatever the option was - it was the only mechanism I could find. I tried it at least three times over a period of months before I gave up.

I must admit, when I found that Google had the local chapel of rest mislabelled as a builders’ merchant’s yard (actually located on another road about half a mile away) I just chuckled to myself and did nothing. :see_no_evil:


That makes sense. This was, from what I remember, a Report an Error type thing.


That’s the one! :slight_smile:


From what I remember it is free below a certain threshold.


I beleive so, and it depends on what you are doing with the maps. For a simple embed, no problem, but if you want to use the API you need to sign up for an account and submit your billing details even if you are below the paying threshold.



For a simple embed, no problem, but

I have a couple of web pages that would render incorrect map locations until I signed up for the Google API. Coincidence or my bad programming :slight_smile:


Back on topic…


Security, user name and password on multiple devices and operating systems :frowning: