Google indexing everything but Homepage

Hey there,
It’s been over 4 months and Google is still showing a very old version of my client’s homepage even though it’s indexed every other page on the site properly.

I’ve asked for reconsideration and they have, and even the "" search shows the new homepage, but the shows the old one and he’s not ANYWHERE in the SERPs.

Can anyone help?


This is a very strange problem…

My server crashes last couple of days and I had to reinstall the whole blog on the new server with a slight difference on website title and description… As the DNS resolve, my site appearance on Google changes as well… I don’t understand why yours is not doing anything…

I don’t know if this is still an issue, but I know in the past google essentially has their own dns service, so there was once a problem with them hitting the old ip. Now I will admit I am grasping at straws here but putting up an adsense ads (so they spider it) or using the old add url page on google might be a couple of things to try. Maybe even a redirect from the old IP.

Hey dude. Yeah, the DNS changed but the URL is essentially: htt:// and that hasn’t changed, and Google’s cached page hasn’t either, hence the problem.

I submitted a sitemap.xml which may explain why Googs found all the other pages of the site (which had no inbounds) without indexing the homepage, but I still can’t figure out why Google has been to the homepage, seen it’s different, yet won’t index it accordingly.

Cheers buddy.

Are the urls the same or different? Was the DNS changed?