URL Problem

i have a blog on wordpress but my site url not show in google search please tell me anyone to search setting of wordpress blog or tell me any tutorial where i get help and i solve my problem

Thanks in advance

Have you signed up for Google Webmaster Tools and [URL=“https://support.google.com/sites/answer/100283?hl=en”]submitted a sitemap?

yes i signup in google webmaster and submit sitemap

Was your website indexed by Google. You may use type the command site:www.yourwebsite.com in Google Search box to check your website indexed <snip/>

i check this way but not shown

How long your website was created or your contents were published? Normally websites indexed by Google would be about three days or one week.

Can you show me the blog website address please…

Sure. This is the problem

I think your website MAY BE banned by search engines. Your website was not indexed by search engines such as google and bing. But I found your website forum was indexed by Bing.

No need for a link to be posted and no need to wait :slight_smile:

See the image in my earlier post #8

IMHO the problem might be that the content appears to not be original but a collection of content from elsewhere.

Though if that is the case, it was my thinking that search engines might not put it high in the SERPs but would still index it.