Site Indexing

Hi friends,

I have submitted a new website <snip/> to various search engines like google, yahoo, bing ,etc. But my website has not indexed in any of the search engines. I don’t know what is the problem. can anyone please help me out here?


[font=verdana]Is it that the site isn’t indexed at all, or just that it isn’t ranking as highly as you would like? How long as your site been there, and how long since you submitted it to the search engines?

You can tell if it’s indexed at all by doing a search for (except replacing with your own domain name, obviously!) and that will show all pages that Google recognises. If there’s nothing there then your site hasn’t been indexed yet, which is one question. If there are plenty of pages shown there but they aren’t coming up when you search for relevant words or phrases, that means that Google doesn’t think as much of the pages as you do, which is quite a different problem.[/font]

Usually, it would take around 1 week or more since the day you submit your site to Google via Webmaster tool, in some cases, it would take even longer.

So, you might want to check back later.