URL naming, which is better?

Which one is better for SEO?

1) domain.com/takeaway/company-name/city
Example: domain.com/takeaway/pizza-hut/london

2) domain.com/takeaway/city/company-name
Example: domain.com/takeaway/london/pizza-hut

3) domain.com/takeaway-company-name-city
Example: domain.com/takeaway-pizza-hut-london

if takeaway is category, i would do #2

Neither is likely to make any difference for SEO.

In terms of which one is best … the third one is too messy for my liking, it looks unstructured and random. As to whether you go for 1 or 2, that depends how your site is organised. If you’re expecting people to browse by city, then have city first. If the site is designed for them to browse by company, have company first. If it’s a database-driven random access arrangement, you might be better having that reflected in a query URL like

If you’re going with a static URL structure, how does it work if people strip off the last bit of the path? eg, if they are on a page domain.com/takeaway/london/pizzahut, does the URL domain.com/takeway/london give a meaningful page? If not, you shouldn’t be using that format.

Given that the position and context of ‘takeaway’ is identical in 1 and 2, why have you chosen 2 over 1?

I might be wrong but in the third one, using - as a break and including it in the company name will probably cause you headaches down the road.

I recently asked this and got some good advice from Steview D here.

Also I personally prefer #2 as I imagine people are more likely to start their search based on the area they are in, but a link query seems like it may be more useful, like StevieD posted above.

i think 3) domain.com/takeaway-company-name-city is better… because mostly users finding website through search engines…

That doesn’t make any sense. Why do you think the third one will help search engines? Answer - it won’t. Spiders will try all sorts of ways to crawl your site, including “going up a level”, as I described in my previous post. Having a structured URL helps them find their way around the site and understand where they are in it. A simple flat file system has no structure, no hierarchy, no obvious route through it. It’s unhelpful to search spiders and to real people.

how do most people say it there - takeaway pizza?

It doesn’t matter which one are you going to use as long as you are doing your homework in sending backlinks to that page…

i watching my analytics account daily and users are searching in Google
CompanyName CityName. he is putting also first company name than city name…

on SEOwise i think they all are same but vistors point of view i think 2nd option is best

SEO wise 1st & 2nd are same. But the 3rd is a bit different.
Let me explain :
1st option is out of question as explained by Stevie D.
2nd option is perhaps the best as per industry standard.
Let see about 3rd option
Less likely to have competitive keyword. If someone types
takeaway-company-name-city which surfers usually do to narrow down searches you will get a better listing.
Search Engines and Visitor will have see you as unstructured. And may effect your seo.

I have explained you all three … So I leave the decision to you.

I would either go with the 1 or 2

i will choose the companyname/city cause it is more easy to access. an easy easy access link can have a good traffic.

In My Opinion Second One is batter option comparable to others, But it does not matter in long run, the only think matters unique and fresh content…

That about covers it.

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