I am confused between choosing the following domain for my new website:

1- and


(My new website is not a business). Which domain is considered the best from a SEO point of view ? I am afraid that is considered spam my from a SEO and User point of view. What do you think? .

Any ideas about general words which may precede domain names (ex: my, “a” , “1” , etc…)?


I’d avoid a .biz extension at all costs. one looks and flows better would be my choice.

There is no “best from SEO point of view” answer to the format of keywords in domains and/or the TLD you choose.

Having your main keywords in the domain is just one of hundreds of factors that are considered for rankings, so choose a domain that makes more sense from a business and branding point of view.

But if your website just exists for 1 topic or to sell 1 item then sure, try and select a domain that contains they keyword for that item. But don’t stress over it. All of the other elements on your website will far outweigh the domain name as ranking factors.

Would go for .com but instead of adding a letter/word in the front I would add it to the end

anyone else?

i think, .com domain is better than .biz domain