Upload large files via wordpress plugin

I am building a website for services that I provide. This website is hosted on hostgator.

My problem, is that my clients will have to upload large files to me, around 700mb-2gb files. Apparently the max_upload_size on hostgator is set to 64MB in the php settings and these settings cannot be changed unless I upgrade to a Virtual Private Server.

I’m using Word Press 3.3.1 and I have installed the plugin ‘inline_uploader’ (along with other ones I did not like) for the upload section on my site. However, I get an error at the end that says “The upload time limit of PHP Directive max_input_time is preventing the upload of big files.” It then tells me to change that setting in the php.ini file, which I’ve done. That didn’t seem to work, that’s when I asked hostgator about it and they told me the above.

I need my clients to be able to:

Upload without logging in or signing up.
Upload files 700mb-2gb in size.
Upload using an easy plugin on a “File Transfers” page.
(The easier for them the better)
I’m considering using dropbox as a server to host these files for the file exchanging, but all the plugins I’ve tried for dropbox haven’t seemed to work correctly.

Does anyone have any suggestions for my situation?


HTTP isn’t designed to handle file sizes that big, and shared hosting won’t give you much control over stuff like this.

Perhaps a flash FTP uploader if there is such a thing.

Though you’d have to be careful of security.

That’s too big of a file size. It is recommended to use FTP in transferring such files.

Yes, to add to what wonshikee says

hough you’d have to be careful of security.
. Nowadays, if using ftp then the web-based ftp should be under https://. I know that certs cost money, but if you don’t do it, just wait for the Warez, Porn Pirates, and hackers to love using your site for their own purposes.