How to handle error in upload file


I am making page that will upload,this is my first time to make a page that will upload just practice for me.
when i upload picture there is nothing wrong it works perfectly but when i tried to upload movies.1.5gb it will not upload and it will not display can i manage this or handle this if my page will not accept that big size and i want to display or echo “Upload file exceed.”…

Please help me Thank you in advance.

To change the limit, you need to update the php.ini file and restart apache/iis.

As for the validation, there are many php file upload validation results on google

For the record, I would NOT handle a file 1.5 GB in size through HTTP. Use a protocol designed for it, like FTP.

Hi StarLion, i dont know how to use the FTP in php.can i asked some help with you this.

Thank you in advance.

Hi,thank you for the reply…but how can i change the php.ini ? please guide me…

Are you on a dedicated server or a shared host? If you have a dedicated server, you php.ini will be located in the apache2 conf folder. If you are on a shared server, you can’t edit it. Most shared hosts do not permit you to change those settings.

I am just working in my P.C localhost…so if it is in apache2 conf folder what’s next thing to do?.Thank you in advance.

Well working locally, it may or may not be in the apache2 conf folder, it may be in your php installation folder. You are looking for the php.ini file, then you want to open it and look for max_upload_size

Hi,sorry for the late reply…Thank you so much cpradio for helping me.Okay i will try this.i will write back again if i have doubt.