Help to upload large video file of size > 40 MB

dear all

Pls help me to upload video files of size more than 40 MB

I noticed that for this we need to change values in php.ini or .htaccess file

Many hosting companies do that allow to change these values

pls help me to get web hosting company who will allow to change these parameters (i dont mind taking up reseller p[lan)

and parameters we need to change

Thanking you in advance

I would recommend NOT trying to handle this via a webpage - direct FTP is far better for files of this magnitude.

Or just let another service host them like youtube or the like.

Or use a 3rd party service like heywatch that takes care of upload and encoding

Uploading a 40mb-100mb file is via http is not really a big deal (ftp obviously would be better, but that’s not always possible if you’re accepting files from users).

Basically in php.ini you need to increase the values for post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. You may also need to increase memory_limit.