Uploading big images fail


I have a local classified site. It uses Wordpress and its highly customized to fit my needs.
Im starting to get some advertisers to it and I noticed some users upload big images (more than 1 mb).
They informed me that they weren’t able to complete the ad posting because they get a white blank page when trying to upload images.

I tracked the image file/s they tried to upload from both Media section in Wordpress backend and wp-content folder from FTP. I found out that the image they tried to upload was bigger than 1 mb.

I have my site in Hostgator Shared plan as its not a very big one yet.

So what are things you can suggest that would help me to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

Generally the maximum file size set in php.ini is 2Mb; are the files larger than that? If not I would suspect a setting within your Wordpress upload code.
If you run this and look for upload_max_filesize you will see what your php.ini file size limit is.


I face the problem when I try to upload a 1 mb file.

About php.ini.
I just noticed there is a php info file.
In there, under upload_max_filesize it says 64M

I hired a company to develop this for me and they customized the wordpress for my needs. I really don’t have lot of experience in developing. But I think they are using some kind of plugin for image uploads.

Any insights?


As you say it is probably something in the plugin somewhere but I can not help you with that. Can’t you contact the developers about it?

Also you want to remove the link to your file above ASAP or remove the file from the server as it gives hackers an insight into your server setup.

Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it. I will seek help from developers. Just one more question though.

Is it possible to solve this using a CDN? Something like Cloudinary?

Please correct me if Im wrong, but my understanding is if I use Cloudinary or similar, I won’t have timeout problems or things like that because files will be directly uploaded to Cloudinary cloud!!!

Honestly I don’t even have a full idea about what Im talking here. Im just saying as I understood from reading articles, tutorials.


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