Unlicensed adobe software?

im currently using adobe cs4 which i paid for. im wondering if its worth it for me to upgarde to cs5. alot of people have been telling me that i should just use an unlicensed version of adobes software. what legal complications could happen to someone using unlicensed software and using it for work that is going to be copywrited or whatever. im still a student and cant really afford to upgrade to cs5.

Basically when you buy software what you are actually paying for is the licence to use it (whether generally, for a specific time, or for a specific purpose). If you don’t have a valid licence that allows you to do what you want to use the software for then your use is illegal regardless of how you obtained the software.

The only time you can do what you like with software is if you buy the software itself rather than just a licence. You can usually expect there to be about an extra five or six zeroes on the end of the price if you are buying the actual software instead of just a licence to use it.

Someone who is a student is entitled to purchase the academic version of the licence which is usually the same as the more general one except for the price and that you are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes. So buying the academic version would only become a possible issue once you finished studying and if you then wanted to go into business using it - of course by then there will probably be yet another version and you should be in a better position to upgrade to a full licence for that new version.

No it doesn’t - if you didn’t pay for a licence then no matter what you are using it for it is still illegal. Common sense says that if you steal something then you are a thief.

Depends what you will be using it for and where.

It would be a bit embarrassing for the world to learn that its next Andy Warhol was using a pirated version of Adobe.

Use common sense.

Don’t do that. It’s a criminal act, so just don’t go there. Each new version has a few nice features, but really, there’s nothing wrong with CS4. It is a hugely powerful bit of software, and you probably aren’t using even a small fraction of what it can do.

im still a student and cant really afford to upgrade to cs5.

Have you considered the student version? Much cheaper.

I think it was in reference to whether it would be for student studies or commercial purposes (which the academic license forbids)


And likewise for Leonardo Da Vinci! [/ot]