Adobe License

If I buy a student copy of, say, the Adobe Creative Suite, can I use that for my freelance work?


A student copy is not allowed to be used for commercial purposes - as long as you don’t charge for any freelance work that uses it you should be okay.

Here’s the Student licensing pages (for the UK at least)

There is nothing there that says you can’t use the software to make money. All it says is that you have to be a student. If you’re a student who’s making money, then good for you :slight_smile:

Adobe’s FAQs say

Adobe Student and Teacher Edition software can be upgraded to a commercial version when the user is no longer a student or teacher. Contact the online Adobe Store or your local reseller for information about upgrading to commercial versions of your products.

I think you would need to contact Adobe directly and ask what the licensing terms of the Student Edition software are, as the above seems to imply that felgall is right and you can’t use it for commercial purposes.

To me, it seems that shadowbox is right. I’ll contact them for sure, but when they say “when the user is no longer a student[…]” I think that the seems to imply that, while I am a student, I can use it commercially. The clause is once I’m not a student, not once I start using it commercially. I’ll call for sure.

Meh :confused: Should’ve done that in the first place. Can be closed if no one else has anything interesting to add.

But you’ll have something interesting to add, after you’ve contacted Adobe and can give us the definitive answer to help the next person with the same question. :slight_smile:

Just called them :smiley: I can use it for commercial work. You only have to be a student.

Thanks all.