Ul problem

I have a problem on this site http://www.spraytime.com.au
When i ctrl & scroll and make the page smaller, the menu doesn’t stay in position and drops down.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Once again thanks to the people how read and reply to these problems, it helps a lot when your learning web bulding.

Add clear:both to #main.

#main {
    background:url(http://www.spraytime.com.au/pagebg.jpg) repeat-y;
    padding:2px 9px 0 9px;
  [B]  clear:both

It seems to be snagging on the float when resized above because it isn’t cleared.

Sorry i meant to say when I ctrl & scroll and make it bigger, it has this problem.

Hi stevie D. IN IE 7

Thanks for your time.

Thank you Paul,
much appreciated.

Works fine for me in Opera - what browser are you using to get that problem?