Spry Menu Problem in IE - Please please help!

Hi there, Please take a look at the website in IE> alphasafetytraining dot co dot uk

The spry menu is not dropping down. Instead it is going off to the side and under some tabs the menu elements actually go off the screen!

Please help. I’ve tried everything to sort this problem out!!!

I’ll keep looking, but you can add this cSS

ul.MenuBarHorizontal ul li{float:left;clear:left;}
ul.MenuBarHorizontal ul li a{width:110px;}

I know it’s probably some simple haslayout issue :). I have seen this before lol.

Thanks!!! That’s brilliant.

how did you find that one out?

I’ve been ages on that!

I figured that out within a minute but I knew that there was probably a better fix.

It’s just experieice…The only way I could get them stacked vertically was that. Float/claer. They weren’t all the same width though (shrink wrapping) and it was just a mess in IE, so I had to give you a pixel width fix unfortunately :(.