My menu is fubared in ie7

For some reason it looks fine in ie7 for me, but looked at it from two other PC’s and the menu is bumped down over the slide show. Any idea why?

The page seems to have disappeared?

Page Not Found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please try the following:

oops… its on the root level now.


Tinkered with this crap for 3 hours hah. Driving me crazy because I have used this framework a dozen times and never had this issue

Try removing the 35px margin top on the ul.

e.g. do this:

ul#nav {
margin:0 0 0 32px;

The top margin on an element that clears a float should slide under the float but in ie7 (and 6) the top margin pushes the element away if the top margin is less than the height of the float above (once the margin is greater than the height of the float above it reverts back to normal and slides all the way under the float - as do other browers and as the specs say it should).

That did it! Thanks for the explanation as well.