Twitter as a Tool for Marketing

Everyones know that Twitter is the Word of the 2009, i would like to know how best can one utilize twitter as a marketing tool.

From my personal results and following Guru’s experiences Twitter is overhyped. Twitter is good if you have a following. If you are a product owner, and have existing traffic.

Getting traffic to your website for adsense or affiliate marketing in your niche should be what you focus on. SEO, Video Marketing, and PPC. Put a twitter feed on your website, for extra bonus. Don’t spend too much time on Twitter.

You can get benefit form twitter if you have a lot of following. If twitter is managed well the I am confident that you will get some benefits.

Twitter is an important platform for online communication.Twitter is receiving 8 million unique visitors per month. It is a fantastic tool in giving your brand a voice and a personality. It can be used as a marketing tool, but you must do it right by following the Twitter in order to be effective.

Check out this PDF on Twitter for Marketers:

Social networks is one of the best place to market your products. Like twitter and Facebook… That’s why most Internet Marketer entering to this field because they know that many people hang outs here wherein if they can easily promote their products.

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Well first you need to get a lot of follower in twitter then you can make use of it to send feeds of your blog update to hundreds of your followers and make money.chk out this posting:

I’m not sold on Twitter yet. I use it personally and for my business. But am not sold on its effectiveness as a marketing tool yet. Though I keep trying :slight_smile:

Confuse about Twitter as a marketing tool???

we can use twitter to promote our sites for free and get traffic from it also.

please don’t use twitter as a marketing tool. no one wants to be marketed to on there and more and more users are really understanding how to use it.

you can spend alot of effort in doing this and it will get you know where, and annoy people. Also, the way twitter is currently setup is not set in stone.

i don’t think it’s a marketing tool. just can get traffic from it.

I use a program called Buzzom to help generate more followers. I maganged to get over 500 followers in less than 12 hours.

OK it sound like one of them sales pitches but its not. I found its good to use just to get some followers at the start. now i find new people following me everyday.

You then want to look at getting more targeted followers in the area of your business / hobby. Search for people using keywords rather than names. Its amazing what we have found

I run a few sites and found twitter really does help generate traffic to my sites, Since using it most links come from twitter in some shape and form. My wordpress blogs also auto publish to twitter and twitter sends me around 80 visitors everytime I post a new article.

I’ve also noticed bots picking up my tweets and posting on other sites around the web for me, even more so if i post a voucher code… And all this for… £0 Whats over-hyped about that?

Always wanted to use Twitter for marketing, and I am in the process of experimenting actually. I have 3 twitter accounts which I use for the purpose.

I have tried Twitter for a while and got some followers by following others and posting some content. The real power of it is updating it when you update your website or blog, I am beginning to see it as an RSS-feed for non geeks.

Another alternative to Twitter is Plurk, still very early to tell if it will be a hit but I like the timeline interface.

If you will spend hours trying the have many followers, then I think your time is better off spent on SEO and keyword search.

my two cents…

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Well, using Twitter for marketing purposes is really not a good idea, except if most of your followers are target clients but the site is only good for updating events or posting new blog updates… There are other sites such as FriendFeed or other bookmarking sites like Digg or even Facebook Groups with thousands of members that are more suitable as a marketing tool.

of course it can be used as a marketing tool just don’t overdo it. Marketing is helping people get information that might be very informative and useful to them.

I use a Program called TweetAdder. Its generated quite a few followers for me. The best part of the program is that you can search for people by location and even key word