How people make money with twitter?

Anyone talk abouth twitter marketing, but I have no idea how to do marketing with twitter. Why people do it?

You can not make money with Twitter directly. However you can use it to build relationships with people in your niche or industry. Provide value to your twitter follwers and then out of curiosity they will take the initiative to get to know you. Then you provide links to your blog or website in your profile which they will click on. Then from there you can get users into your sales funnel. Hope this makes sense.

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There are abounding who affirmation that Twitter is a abortive anatomy of amusing networking, but if you apprentice how to in fact accomplish money on Twitter, this acumen changes.
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Twitter is one way to get connected with your prospected clients for your business. And everybody in twitter is a prospect. Chance for you to put in your business in twitter.

Well i guess that twitter is a good way to get decent traffic so try to get your niche related followers :slight_smile:

I have heard you can make money from facebook by write unique article,maybe twitter is the same.

Also you can get followers by not following anyone really.

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Basically is the best way to get followers

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if you not visit twitter regularly forget about making money(earn traffic to your website) with them!

The thing with marketing on twitter is to establish a relationship first before trying to sell your product, as twitter is supposed to be a platform for colleagues and friends

You can only make money from it if you are famous in any niche or sector . Like if you are very famous as a bikers than you can get too many followers with same profile . than after that you can offer them so new upcoming products info and if anyone buy than from your links , you get paid a commission .

Social marketing is not a children games like other ebook seller tell you while giving new ebooks . You need to be very specific on what niche you are upto …and how you can find same liking persons .

There is no known direct link between twitter and money but you can always use twitter to drive traffic to you site, promote products, introduce your business or expertise. It is more of a marketing tool than a money generating tool.

Ok, we can advertise with Twitter, but does it look professional to keep in touch with our business partners through Twitter? Doesn’t this look kind of unprofessional? Did anyone tried? How did it worked?

I agree, it’s a good way to touch base with your customers, not exactly a money making venture. At least not directly.

Twitad is not yet it.
Just get the traffics through twitter.

twitter won’t provide any feature to earn money, you can only in touch with others by updating your daily topics which you want to share with others or your clients. In short twitter is providing platform to promote your products,thoughts,alert about your business etc.

I don’t have any Idea related to earning Money from Twitter, I just use Twitter as a Bookmarking Site, If you came to Know how to make Money from Twitter Kindly Inform me as Well !!!

To sell stuff, to develop a following to sell stuff to

Just like any form of marketing…

Looking for followers, providing updates about u, and there you go on how to market :smiley:

Not directly making money. But Twitter is a great way to update your followers.

Twitters helps to promote your product. A tweet tells all your followers about what you are currently doing and this is one way to tell your followers about your new business or website.:slight_smile:

You can also put a link of your article on your status line in Twitter, that also helps in generating interest for your product.