Why Twitter is Beneficial for All Companies?

Twitter has become an essential tool for everyone, and has relevance for just about every type of business.

Companies are using it to communicate – creating closer relationships with prospects, clients ,followers and more.

Using Twitter allows companies to spread awareness, discuss industry trends, connect followers to a company blog by creating an online dialogue that easily reaches a large audience – an audience that is looking for information about your company.

Twitter has more beneficial uses than Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs combined, and this is one reason people are confused by Twitter.

Millions of people are using it in dozens of different ways, all at the same time. To implement the most valuable use, Twitter require the most training and planning. One reason Twitter is so flexible is that it can support so many other existing technologies and business strategies.

Well. Twitter is social media website and also known as micro blogging tool. All the popular personalities and the websites as well are goes to twitter. Because twitter tweets are index by Google in every 45 mints…:slight_smile:


Why 45 minutes? Curious to know how you came up with that number.[/ot]

I agree that Twitter has become important for all of the companies, but personally i prefer FB, as FB is far more interactive and not every one can express themselves fully in 160 characters… also, i have noticed that there are so many of the software’s available for twitter account creations, followers, followings etc that it becomes really impossible to judge who is a real and who is a fake follower… I think FB is built on a more rugged platform

Twiter is powerful. I came to know this few days back because my site not indexed though i done many things. When i tweeted in twitter after few minutes I was able to see in google index.

On discussion over Twitter benefits, I am sure that I have also get benefits for my site from twitter. But As Micheal said Google indexes the tweet after 45 minutes, how he figure out and calculate this. Also twitter is little a bit complex than Facebook but still results are great having complex interface.

Twitter is a revolution is “social media communication”.

And the fact that it allows open communication makes it the best tool to promote your brand or websites online. (That’s the same reason why it is not such a good social networking website).

If you do twitter marketing effectively, you can not just bring massive free traffic on your websites, but also improve its SEO rankings (as search engines consider it as a factor in computing site’s ranking)

twitter is a social media website Using twitter you can easily promote your website by creating awareness about your services and brand. it allows to connect followers and create a relationships with your followers. There are lots of tool available to increase twitter followers. At present twitter has 100 million active users which are increasing day by day. so it’s a good platform to promote your brand, website, organization or business.

Twitter si a great way to get word out to the public, but I don’t think it’s for every business. Have you ever tried finding targeted followers on twitter as a web or graphics designer? The only people you find are generally your competition. you can follow random people and random businesses, but for the most part people online know the internet is an important part of their business, so for that exact reason one could assume they also see the importance of a website and already have one.

So to say Twitter is beneficial to all companies is clearly an argument that should be changed to “WHy Twitter is Beneficial for Most Companies” as I’m sure there are other industries that would have limited success from using twitter to gain traffic or revenue to/through their websites.

I have lil bit confusion in my mind about some the comment’s like twiiter is good for the traffic. I agree with all that twitter is the best way to get a like to be listed in Google in no time. I have got many link cached in Google after submitting these link in the Twitter. But i am not sure about the traffic , I have thousand’s of Follower in my twitter account but i cant see any traffic to my website coming through twitter but instead facebook is working good in that. I am using Google Analytical tool to check the traffic status. Am i doing it wrongly ?

Well according to the way i see thing, my tweets of Twitter are indexed by the search engine of Google with in Minutes. But still keywords remain at the places they used to be… ?

Twitter is beneficial because it can promote your content . Also easy to get updates and news from you favorite website

To begin, Twitter is a search engine - for life.Twitter is a social networking web application that provides users with the ability to share information.

It is a quick and easy way to get the word out. Twitter speeds up the process of sharing information. Reach the masses. With Twitter, networking just got easier. You don’t have to wait for the monthly meeting, dress up and go shake hands you simple, chat, engage and get to know others via Twitter.

Building Your Brand. By sending out daily tweets, you are giving your company a personality of its own and establishing that with all of the followers you come in contact with on Twitter. It truly is a quick way to brand your company and get it recognized.

i dont think so only twitter is beneficial. There are many other social media sites are available.

Almost every company is on twitter because it has large amount of users that use twitter on hourly basis. There are many websites that runs and show content based on tweets. Today many news companies are also using twitter to reveal their headlines. Twitter is smart and essential tool on web to connect with people and share short messages.

I agree with this. At FB, all you have to do is post and click, you don’t need any software to post photos and to post more than 160 characters…

Yes, i think twitter can be very effective, there are so many tools out there which can help you manage your tweaks and mentions like Tweet Deck and if you dedicate some effort to it , it can proove wonders

twitter is very good platform for branding and very simple to track things…twitter makes your marketing easy and very useful.

Social networks such as Twitter are very essential to every business, especially online business. it reaches your market with just a very little
effort from you. Even a retweet could go a long way, Just imagine if they will retweet your every link. Twitter is such a big blessing for gaining

twitter is a really very powerful social networking website, i m happy to see all post about twitter and suggestions, many thanks for share all posts.