Twitter and Facebook?

Will Twitter and Facebook still be around in a few years?

yes, they sure will

myspace will probably also still be around


Why wouldn’t they? Unless of course the Mayan’s are right about 12/21/12. :rolleyes:

actually it was supposed to be 12/12/12

however, “We have to be clear about this. There is no prophecy for 2012”

I hope not :smashy: (both way over-rated), but they probably will still be to some extent.

A few cyber years is like a millenium in people years and so anything can happen in cyber land in that time. There will probably be a new “craze”, “band-wagon” or whatever before then for cyber junkies to jump on.

Haven’t google launched, or are about to launch something against fb :headbang: ?.. Just another “cyber mall” for cyber junkies to loiter around in :lol:

Only time will tell what the future holds for these two social media sites.

Google+ is the answer to FB

Why do you say that?

From Is not it almoust the same like facebook?

Real-life sharing, rethought for the web.

A quick look at Google+

Google+ makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world. Share your thoughts, links and photos with the right circles. Use easy, spontaneous video chat to strike up conversations with as many as nine people at once. Get everyone on the same page with fast, simple group chat. We’re very excited about the new approach to sharing we’ve created through Google+, but this is really just the beginning.

Yes both of them will stand for long time…Google+ coming but still in the intial stage…

Actually it was 12/21/12, the Winter Solstice and you are correct. There is no prophecy; 12/21/12 is merely the last day of their extended calendar or at least the last that has thus far been found. BTW – my original comment was facetious, not serious.

Of course yes, but Google+ is at the last in the queue at this time.

Unless someone brings out something bigger and better, they will still be there :slight_smile:

Heck for all we know… Skype and other programs may become the replacement for the typical texting and phone call. In a world filled with countries that are increasingly banning the use of phones while driving (for a good reason), Hands free ANYTHING has a good chance of becoming a contender.
Facebook has its situation to deal with including Privacy and responsibility to users, and is recording not just slowing of their growth, but also reporting declines in usage in developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom and Germany.
To us, this brings to a conclusion that just like every social network before, Facebook has Five Fatal Flaws:

Facebook technology is fundamentally underwhelming
Facebook can be a Marketing and ORM liability
Facebook facilitates low value interaction
Privacy is a Very Big Issue
Facebook is already failing 

Social Clouds where users are more in control and Devices like Cell Phones and other portable hardware may become the key in linking our future lives together in a whole new way.

I’m sure both of them will be around in a few years… and Google+ will enter and put up its battle… who knows what’ll happen. But the three will be around together, that’s for sure.

yes they will and this question make no sense to me

I think so, both of them are high PR sites and are difficult to take down unless there is something better. :slight_smile:

Off course they ll be alive, what i believe is that in next few years your social media will overcome your online marketing completely.

Me too!

What’s a “few years”? Three, ten , 50. I don’t think any of us have a crystal ball to predict the future. On the other hand, why wouldn’t they be around? There are lots of junk websites that have been visible for over a decade (maybe two decades).

Yes of course twitter and facebook around yet.