Twitter and Facebook?

Or if people stop using them!

Social Networking Sites like Twitter and Facebook will still remain around after a few years also because Social Media is evolving ever than before. This media’s popularity is increasing with days passing by and I have also come across a new & fresh Social Networking Site.

I think that Facebook and Twitter will be around for a long time, and will provide online marketers a great platform to make money.

Do you think direct profit is really the best benefit for a company from social?

Maybe yes, maybe no… All I can say is, I’m sure Google+ won’t be the one who will take them down :))

Of course. Nowadays, Twitter and Facebook is in boom. Every one is aware of Twitter and Facebook. So the Twitter and Facebook will be more around.

In this world every thing got an end so in that way there will be an end for these both,when these both end and some other site will be emerging.

Personally I think Facebook will evolve into something as big as Google. Obviously they both offer different products, but they both constantly rethink what new things they can offer. Always innovating.

Hi! Google+ Brand Pages will gain strength. I think slowly but surely the Google+ brand will chop away at facebook brand.

Casey Mahoney Brad P

What do you say that?

For the last two weeks we have heard that most of you believe that Facebook and Twitter will persist. I think we have a consensus in the “yes” column.

Since this thread is little more than a fluff magnet, it’s time to close it.

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