Facebook VS Google

Today i Watch a vary in-trusting news on TV that facebook is launching Social Search Engine and Google is launching Social Networking site . so who will kill who? in this war. what u think ?

In the near future? Both. Facebook will see it’s search expand as people spend more and more time there but Google as the default engine will continue to see significant activity for those doing research making it highly profitable.

It’s likely that facebook will expand search and google will find a few social tools that hit but I don’t see a short term scenario where one significantly intrudes into the other.

Of course that’s the short term; history has shown us that sites rise and fall, but there’s not much experience to look at so that’s not a guarentee of the future.

The answer to this problem can be derived only after Google has launched its GoogleMe in the market. Google is also likely to launch Chrome OS by mid 2011 which will be competing directly with Microsoft. We can only wait and watch and nothing else can be done.

I don’t think it will much affect the popularity of both. As google is a search engine where we go to search for the answers of our queries and facebook is where we interact with our friends and loved once. Both of them are not competitors nor rivals, just a different platform for different requirements.

Each service has its advantages. Facebook is already in the place and brand through which so many of us do social networking. Google and Facebook have both been plagued with privacy issues lately. Both these service have abundant User base. And for me as long as these two website stay with no mess in terms of Privacy and Ads, they will stay in the same Top positions.

offcourse google will kill facebook because it offers a very big amount of services and is the first site in the world

Yahoo was once bigger than Google. Altavista was bigger too. Being #1 does not mean you are #1 forever… especially on the web.

Case in point, Facebook is now bigger than google in many metrics including percent of marketshare.

Woah, Google will be almost killed. Sounds interesting, Seems like clash of the titan’s on Internet!

I don’t really think either of the two will lost. This is to say that I agree with mitashseo…the future is still obscure but I am pretty sure both companies will stay still on top of the list and “who kills who” wouldn’t be a big issue by then…

when you are on the web, you can’t be sure if you are no. 1 forever, Life on the web is changing with every clicks, search and view. There are millions of great web developers competing each other to reach the no. 1 ranking.

The internet is ever changing. Google and Facebook will continue to battle it out, but it will probably be something entirely different that rules search 10 years from now.

I think facebook will win the battle.

With what facebook has achieved today, I think if they launch the SE it will be a good competitor to Google making it more favorable to internet marketers. Google will surely adjust to be more competitive to stay on top and it will benefit all of us.

Yeah daxmonster, you’re right! IN my personal opinion, if FB also starts activities like Google, it’ll surely gain lot more success than Google due to its immediate popularity and lots of users from around the world.

I think if this happens then facebook will take the lead because its now more popular than Google. But still i am confuse is facebook able to break the power of Google. Lets see…

In my opinion there will be someone new who will be leading the industry in 5 to 7 years and its most likely to be a hybrid of Search and Social media. I would keep and eye on bing.

Well difficult to answer but we can see how face book is popular amongst the youth but we can’t underestimate Google as it is a big brand in the world of networking. So I think time will change again and Google will bring a new revolution in social networking world as “ORKUT”.

I think Google will overcome Face Book. Because, Goggle has managing lot of products like Buzz, Sites, Blog Spot, Maps, Video, Adsense, Adwords etc. Face Book is only the Social Networking. So, my vote goes to Google.

IMO google is a great search engine but when its comes to social networking no one can beat facebook in it’s own game.

I vote for facebook.

Oh I think Orkut is owned by google. !

According to see the popularityy i think face book will rock here.