Trying to put a banner Besides a logo that makes half of the banner unclickable

Hello guys,

I’m setting up this wordpress site for my friend

and experiencing 1 problem…

I’m trying to add a 468x 60 Banner beside his logo and I was able to…

However if you examine the BANNER, and hover to the left side of it, you’ll notice that Half of the image link is “un-clickable” :frowning:


You are positioning quite a lot absolutely and relatively, where floats would have done the job better. The advertisement link isn’t working properly because you’ve positioned the logo to absolute and applied a z-index, thus making the advertisement container sit behind the logo (stack order) rather than next to the logo container…

I recommend that you use floats instead. You also have quite a few containers that don’t seem to be needed. You could reduce the markup by quite a bit. :slight_smile:

However, a quick fix would be to add the width of your logo.

#logo {width:140px;}

WOW tHAnk YOU kohoutek! you are awesome. :slight_smile:

the #logo stuff fixed the problem. :smiley:

I’m still experiencing another problem btw…

My friend wanted a simple forum functionality to his site so I decided to install bbpress forum on the site as well. However, there had also been a problem.

when you go to

you see a post there that is Wayyyy down below.

it would be great if we could position the ‘forum posts’ a little higher. so it looks nicer.