Horizontal distribution issue

I’m having a headache with one of the logos (Heineken) at the bottom of this page:
I don’t see any side-margin on any of these logos and yet, this one seems to be slightly on the left, as in not really in-between his 2 pals.
Any hint?

You could try (for a number of reasons) using a more appropriately dimensioned image instead of this 1170x832 one

oops, yes you’re right, as I’m working on both printing and web versions, I got confused… though this hasn’t much to do with my horizontal distribution issues…

Quick glance: There is a break tag between Hatten and Heinekin causing the space. Garuda does not seem to have an anchor.

i’m checking all of this, thanks

ok, perfect as usual… thanks @ ronpat

You’re welcome, BABAAL.

There’s still a break tag inside the Hatten anchor. Doesn’t seem to be a causing a problem at the moment, but the potential remains. :slight_smile:


sorry, are you referring to the “&nbsp” ?


Line 149 looks like this in my browser.

<p><a href="http://www.jackdaniels.com/" target="_blank"><img class="wp-image-478 alignnone" alt="Jack Daniel's" src="http://www.balilivefestival.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/JD.png" width="117" height="73" /></a><a href="http://www.hattenwines.com" target="_blank"><img class="wp-image-473 alignnone" alt="Hatten" src="http://www.balilivefestival.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/hatten.png" width="111" height="74" />[color=red]<br />[/color]

Scroll to the very end of the line and see the <br /> tag in red. That’s the break tag that I’m referring to.

Off Topic:

It’s easy to miss. Loosely formatted code is difficult to read :slight_smile:

can’t see any </br> , but I found a strange </a> somewhere there, as well as a strange </div> at the end of the code, i removed both and it still seem to go…

by the way, do you think that I should use something like TidyHTML to reformat then re-paste the HTML inside the WP editor?
or would it be useless?

ok, maybe it was a stupid question as the html is supposed to be generated by the php script running in wp… sorry about it… =S

Notice that the break tag looks like this <br />, not </br>

Search for “hatten.png” and look at the very right end of that line for the <br /> tag.

If this is coming out of PHP, then you’ll have to determine the source file :slight_smile: good luck :slight_smile:

I think it’s been around since we first worked on this section of that page. If you can clean it up, good for you; if not, it doesn’t seem to be hurting anything at the moment. It’s always better to clean up potential problems before the bite you, though.

Yes, php can generate some hard to read code.

thanks for your inputs, much appreciated.