How do I make sure a wide banner sits below mixed-media content above?

I have a banner I want to use on my WordPress site that encourages people to sign up to a newsletter.

It’s the full width of the container.

I’ve found that on occasions if I want to use an image and text above, if the image is deeper than the content, the banner wants to move up the page and sit alongside the image, rather than under it.

I’ve tried all manner of ‘clear’ properties allocated as a class to the banner div, but to no avail.

Is there another solution?



Without seeing the code it’s hard to tell but it sounds like a float issue. If adding clear:both to the banner container doesn’t make the element start on a new line as it should then there is something else going on (or you are adding it to the wrong element) and we would need to see some code or perhaps a live example of the problem.:slight_smile:

Thanks for your help with this. Clearly I have additional issues. Maybe I should see a counsellor, ha ha!

Will look into this afresh and when the problem crops up live, give you a holler.

And again: thanks!