Image Not Fitting In Row in IE

Please view top banner ads/images at the very top of my blog. The little red image on the right is shifting down to the next line when viewed in IE8. In all the other major browsers it’s fine. Blog width is 871px - the long banner is 728px and the small red banner is 133px. That only equals 861px so both images should fit. What’s knocking the small red banner out of the row in IE?

Did you try to give your header-outer a width?

Lordy lordy lordy… ok, no offense, but that is one of the WORST codebases I have EVER seen, and I’ve seen some real trash around here the past few years.

That said layout even WORKS is nothing short of a miracle given the convoluted train wreck of nonsense inside it’s code… EVEN for blogger.

Take it out back and put it down like old yeller – that ENTIRE thing needs to be thrown away and started over.