Transform .ai to .cdr

I am making design intended to corporate pamphlet. For this purpose I am using ILLUSTRATOR software. However in the printing press it is facing difficulty. Only the cdr format is accepted. Give me the hints to do it. :confused:

What version of Illustrator are you using?
How come the print house only accept .cdr? They don’t accept .PDF? .eps?..

I am using version 10.

From memory this is not a standard output format (it is afterall the competition’s native format). If your print house is worth anything they should be able to take an EPS or a PDF and place into a blank Corel Draw file and print from there. Unless they are using a very old version it should also be able to import a PDF also.

If they are having trouble importing say a PDF as for specific errors that are being thrown up as it could be something easy to address by exporting to a particular PDF standard or set of specs.