Commerical Printing - Business Card - file type?

Does anyone know what type of file I will need to send to a commercial printer for printing of a business card? I have a PSD - will that work?



A commercial printer will more than likely expect a vector format, the most popular being .ai and .eps.

Both Illustrator and [url=]Corel Draw are perfect for creating and handling vector images. :slight_smile:

Uh oh. So if I only have the PSD what can I do to get it into that format?

Thanks for the info…

Without seeing the image itself It’s hard to say. If it is a simple shape then you could recreate the logo in Illustrator by tracing it using the Pen Tool.

Here is the image:

It looks hard to trace to me, but I really appreciate your help in telling me how to take this PSD and get it printed on a business card???



If the .psd is at 300dpi then you can get away with that at some printers.

Can a PSD be that high a dpi?

Your business card seems to be made up mostly of text, which is very easy to re-do quickly in Illustrator. The only problem area I can see is the globe symbol in the background.

Yes. To check the dpi, go Image > Image Size.

Yup, they are 300dpi

Should work OK - thanks for the help!

Not a problem. :slight_smile:

I had a psd image and i opened it up in Illustrator and then saved it as an .ai file. Would that be vector?

Not unless the .psd contained a Smart Object.

darnit lol, thanks for your fast reply. One more thing.

So if I make images at 500 dpi, then would it be fine for resizing and printing companies?

Most decent printing companies should accept a PSD file, it depends on the colours or tones you have used is the design flattened or still in psd layers?

Send it and they can do a 4 colour seperation to print it

Ok just seen you design.

You can also

Use a Pantone colour that looks like about PMS 285 for the solid, make the lighter tones a % of that pms ie lighter tones are 50% PMS 285
Make all the text on the solid 100% white, you really dont want a tone in there unless its a solid colour and that is expensive.
The title stoney creek is another colour, can you live with that being the same 285 as the solid below as this will save you money.
Reduce the design to 2 colour and place the orange on a seperate layer and send the PSD.

Most printers I deal with have no worries with PSD files as long as all fonts are outlines.