Coreldraw question - taking delivery from designer

Hello all

I got a pricelist printed from a local designer and it is ready to print. He used Coreldraw to design the pricelist. My question is what file format I ask him for delivery?

I’ve heard all kinds of things sitting in their office. Convert to curves version. Fonts embedded version. CDR version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


How about .pdf? Most things can be saved to that format, so far as I know, and printers are (normally) happy to print off a PDF.

Really, though, I would think the designer should know how to prepare files for print.

I’m sure he does but I do not know if he will part with all. The deal was to give the source files. And I’m not knowledgeable(Corel Draw) enough to figure if everything given to me was promised.

Its a common thing in the place I live (India) for designers to not give stuff even though its agreed beforehand. So you need to make sure before you make a payment.

The designer should send the files to you in a form that you can read them as well as the source files, and PDF is the most obvious way. It would take him 10 seconds to export a PDF.

Got a PDF, post script file,CDR file and fonts. The coreldraw file has been converted to curves. Does that mean it cannot be edited by me in future?