Transferring a domain name?

I have a domain name that I want to give to a business colleague, free of any charges either way - how do you do that please?

Basically, he needs to register it in his own name with a domain company. You will need to give him a code that he can quote when he does this, to prove that you approve. (You can get that from your domain host.) Often, the new domain host (if it is a different one) credits the new owner with any time left on the registration, but the new owner might have to pay for the following year as well. (E.g., if you’ve paid for the domain up until December and hand it over in April, the new host will consider the domain name paid for until December and only charge the new owner for the following year.)

If the domain is to stay with the current host, it might be simpler than that. I would would ring your domain host to check about that.

The domain seller is totally different to the host

I’m not talking about the web host. The company that sells the domain also “hosts” it, so I’m talking about the domain host. (I’m not sure if others call a domain seller a “host”, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard others use it. Anyway, sorry for the confusion.)

Hi Dez,

The process varies from registrar to registrar. In most common case he should create another account with the company you brought the domain name and then you could initiate a ownership account change.

You could also ask the your domain registrar regarding the process.

Exactly. The first step is to go through the registrar, and find out what their procedure is for transferring a domain. Most have paperwork that must be filled out and faxed in, along with ID, from the current owner of the domain. They don’t take it lightly.

I suppose if your colleague will register acount within the same domain name registrar that will be consider as domain name movement within the same domain name registrar and Mosl likely (depends on the domain name registrar of course) that action will not be charged.

Another way: try to find domain name registrar which do not charge for transfers.
Good luck.

find the transfer button in your domain administration center and unlock the domain and get the auth code.

ask your friend’s domain registrar and transfer in.

It is very simple. Ask your friend to create a account on the site where you bought the domain and then make a free push to your friends account.