Domain Transfer

I have my domain registered with and now I want to transfer my domain to anyone please tell me whether this transfer is free or do i need to pay anything and if yes how much.
My database is with I need to transfer the domain to from to
Please help

You don’t need to transfer the domain. The domain can be hosted anywhere. So it’s really up to you. If you want to transfer it (because you don’t like just ask how they want you to do it. Usually you have to put in an application. It may or may not cost you, but sometimes the new host will charge you for one year less any value you still haven’t used up with the other host.

If you are transferring domain to you have to pay one year domain renewal fee which is fixed by This will extend your domain’s expiry date by one year.
Please remember to obtain your domain secret authorisation code as this will be required during initiaating transfer request.

It appears you want hosting account as well to transfer to You have to pay for hosting as well. This will depend which plan you are buying from them. Please backup your website at net4india and provide that backup to justhost to restore.

Good luck

Can you please specify what do you need to do?
Transfer domain name opr transfer your web site? They are 2 diffrent transfers and as rule when you transfer your site you do not need to transfer your domain name (just update nameservers)


You need to ask about your hosting provider.
If you ask me yes the fee will be same as if you were registering a new domain name. your domain name will be extended for whatever given date.

I think JustHost can help you

If you are transfer web sites - you do not need to transfer your domain name at all. As was said above - contact your new web hosting provider and ask them to help you with transfers.