Transferring domain name registrar and hosting

I have been asked by a company to take over all of their domain, in every way. The domain name would be transferred from the previous web agency to the company owner and with a new domain name registrar and with a new host. Does anyone here know the best way to go about it? In particular, how do you change domain name registrar?

What is the domain extension? Basically, you just need to notify old and new registrars, but the exact details vary between different TLD.

Thanks for the quick response TB, it’s

This post should help: Transferring Ownership From 1and1 to Hostgator - #4 by TechnoBear

If you run into any difficulties, you can also change registrars through the Nominet account for the domain, but there is a small charge for this. Most registrars don’t charge to transfer a domain.

Thank you, that’s appreciated. If anyone else has anything to add, please do as well.

Do you mean you also want to change registrant?

Yep, changing registrant as well.

Have now had further instructions from the company involved - it’s to change hosting, nameservers, registrant and registrar.

Well, the links I’ve provided for Nominet explain change of registrant procedure, and change of registrar, if you choose to do that through Nominet.

The new hosting company should advise you regarding nameservers.

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