Website query

I am willing to change old to new design for a client website but i want to use same domain name which previous designer built the website but i am not able to get that domain as it already registered what is solution to get the same domain name and i need hosting service which i am comfortable with.

Till now i have built website purchasing new domain and host.I am newer to redesign any help from you guys will be great.

Contact whomever has access to the original domain, and initiate a transfer to another registrar of your choice, such as or

I have several questions out there

There is a client i want to change the design of website to brand new and use same previous domain name .

1.can i know procedure to get domain name from old owner of domain to me ?

2.only domain transferring is enough in that case to registrar of my choice which i am comfortable like ?

  1. can i use my choice host as i will be designing it new ?

Please if anyone would clarify my doubts would be it would be great.

  1. It varies from registrar to registrar. Basically, use the transfer feature in your registrar’s account where you want the domain to end up. The domain’s owner will then have to provide the authorization code (also known as “transfer code” or “EPP code”). Then just enter the code in your account, and the domain is yours.

  2. I can’t comment on the registrar you’re looking at using, as I’m unfamiliar with it.

  3. You can use any host you want. They should have instructions for getting your domain set up after you get it transferred to your registrar account.

You solved my doubt’s thanks.

If I were you I would transfer the ownership to hostgator since they have a great support and you will never have a problem there.

Keep in mind that bhatpajju1’s location is listed as India. It’s common practice to use a host and registrar in the country of origin.