How do you know what to write?

I would like to know, for me personally, I can show stuff that I’m working on, . Although there may be pockets where I run into where I don’t have nothing to show, that I’ve finished or I’m working on, what then ? What can I think of to write ? I don’t want to write about something boring, is it better to write, nothing in this case ? With the amount of Journals (aka Blogs) out there, how do you get a following, or better yet grow the amount of followers you have ?

How can you tell people,

hey, check back as I’ll have new stuff

If blogging isn’t your thing, then don’t do it. You don’t have to be a blogger and chase the ephemeral readership so many are competing for.

Blogging and building up subscribers is a very labor intensive task. Do you have some benefit in mind that justifies that work if it’s not something that comes easily for you?

Some blogs only get updated on the rare occasions where the owner has something to say that doesn’t fit as part of their main web site.

Some blogs only get updated on the rare occasions where the owner has something to say that doesn’t fit as part of their main web site.

This is what I meant, when I said, if you have nothing to write don’t write anything until you do.

I find it always helps to write as often as possible. The content can completely be your choice. If you have a particular topic-specific blog, then you might have to work harder to find topics to write about…

Exercise: Sit in front of a brick wall. Count up three bricks, then across five bricks. Write a story about that brick. Repeat.

In about a month, you will no longer have this problem.

Talk like you’re having a conversation with someone about topics your readers and customers might be interested in. I’m a copywriter and marketer so first I list all the objections a prospect would raise to not buy my product or service. Then I knock them down. Explain, like I’m talking to them, why that objection is handled by me or why it’s not really an issue. Should come up with at least ten and I gather more than twenty.

If you don’t have a product or service then write about one you have an interest in and preferrably experience with. You never know, you may start selling it after you write 5-10 “special reports”.

The benefits to writing about objections to buying are you get momentum, you solve problems and you remove barriers to buying your product. You also get comfortable and fast at discussing objections and knocking them down. Later if you want to write say a sales letter to sell something big then you already have 1/2 your marketing. GL

Websites like Google alerts always helps me out when searching for something to write or blog about. they alert me of any new stuffs that are related to the niche or topic that I am working on. if its interesting, i’d research about it and then blog about what I think about it.if I don’t find it useful or interesting, I just spend my days sleeping instead of writing…

I agree with the 2nd statement. But you can learn blogging and its up to you when to update your blog and how far you will go to market it.

Google Alerts, can notify you about topics related to the subject your blog is about, interesting.

I agree to the second poster. If blogging is not your thing then don’t start because you will only end up losing interest in feeding it with useful contents. But you can always try to do research on existing topics and do some rewrites if you can’t think any topic out of your own idea.

If you are just starting out, write something about what you know. Once you get the feel of writing, then you can start on other topics. Research… research… research…

i just concentrate on my theme.and i always keep in mind what our user need from my sites…

start blogging only when you can write for the next ten years. No point starting a blog and then run out of writing ideas.
If worse come to worse, you can write reflections from reading the news. It is impossible not to feel anything after reading some news articles.

if you have a shop, write some ariticles about your product is best

I use forums, Twitter trends and Google trends for getting inspired about a topic.
It helps a lot. :slight_smile: