TOP DIRECTORIES to submit your site to

Excellent list, thanks a lot for this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the list… how did you come to this conclusion that this is the best list?

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hi, comparing it to other possible similar lists and talking with the v7n forum members

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Thanks for the sharing!
Wow, so many sites and now it’ll take me a lot of time to do this.

Nice list, good directory list collection.

Thanks for the list.

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Great list - thank you!

Great links dude! :slight_smile:

Nice list but look like the page rank of the directories mentioned there are not still updated, just I randomly checked jayde and their page rank shows #4 rather than #7 & 6 respectively mentioned there.

thanks for the resources

i keep on looking for free resources. Hey guys if you have a software website and want to promote, let’s unite our efforts in sharing ideas, etc!!!

I am not sure personally but reviews seems pretty positive so thanks.

Great list - Thank you

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Those are not the top directories.

They are directories nonetheless, you bet I will submit my site to them regardless if they are the TOP directories or not :-). Thanks!

Some usefull sites. Thanks