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what would be the maximum character length for title tag in Google. As am using four keywords in title, please give some better ideas.

Google will display up to 66 characters of a title tag, cropping to complete words. For example, the following title is exactly 68 characters, so Google leaves off the last word in the title when displaying the website in its search results:

68-Character Title Tag: Creating Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization and Web Usability
Google Display: Creating Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization and Web …

On the other hand, if the word “and” were replaced with an ampersand, the title would be exactly 66 characters, and would be displayed in full:

66-Character Title Tag: Creating Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization & Web Usability
Google Display: Creating Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization & Web Usability

Google isn’t the only thing to consider when deciding on the optimal title tag limit. Yahoo! has an absolute cutoff in presenting titles of exactly 120 characters, which is substantially longer and gives the webmaster much more room to present longer titles. If your title exceeds 120 characters, the title will simply be cropped, whether the display title ends in a complete word or not. That is quite different from Google, which ends the display title with the last complete word which ended before the 66 character limit was reached.

The best strategy for creating a long title is to make sure that the title works for both Google and Yahoo. The optimal title tag should be thought of as consisting of a primary title (for Google) and a secondary title (for Yahoo!). Your primary title length should be limited to 66 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Your secondary title can be any length up to the point where the full title reaches 120 characters in length. You can create a longer title if you wish, but be aware that anything beyond 120 characters will be cropped in the Yahoo! search results, and no one will ever see it.

Source : [B]SEOLOGIC FAQ[/B]

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  • Jopson

Some browsers only display the first 65 characters of the title. Anything after that is not required to be processed at all. So Google is actually processing o0ne more character of titles than is required.

first 66 characters only but I really liked Jopsons explanation.

I have noticed that Google shows only 65 characters of string in title tag when we for something,so according to me
65 is what should be the Title tag length.

Given that this question was posted in the SEO forum I’m assuming that you’re concerned about your rankings. Keep in mind that while you can put 65 characters in the title, generally the closer a word is to the beginning of the string the more weight it has in terms of rankings. This seems to be especially true for Bing.

That being said, don’t become one of those keyword stuffers in your title tags as to render them useless. :wink:

I lessen my Title tags in order to keep it more effective in searches. I only do 25-35 characters.

i think 68 for google, doesnot know for others

60 characters is important in title but u also put title very log above 60 characters because i saw many site where title length is very long and google take keywords in last in title.

The standards actually say 64 is the maximum you should use - http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/TITLE.html

Though google search engie only display 66 characters of title,there is no harm as such to write title more than 66 characters…

Google is accepting 75 characters in the meta title tag.

Since the standard specifies 64 as the length that means that everywhere will accept 64. Only some sites will accept longer than that because there is no reqirement for them to do so.


some browser takes 68 character & some browser 66 character. but i think 65 character should be given in title tag and you just care about spaces.

Since the standard actually says that the maximum length is 64 why would you use something longer than that and risk having it truncated.

Don’t risk having your title truncated in Google by adding extra characters and keyword stuffing, its not worth it!

The title tag should be no longer than 80 characters and should contain words and phrases that accurately describe the content of your web page.

there’s the problem right there – it does no such thing

here is what it actually says –

The title should ideally be less than 64 characters in length. That is, many applications will display document titles in window titles, menus, etc where there is only limited room. Whilst there is no limit on the length of a title (as it may be automatically generated from other data), information providers are warned that it may be truncated if long.

That wording is exactly what I was referring to when I summarised it as 64 being the maximum length that the standard says is required to be displayable. So you are wrong in saying that 2 and 2.000000000000 are not equal.

No, it’s more like saying that 2 and 2.4 are not equal. They are not equal, but if you truncate them, they look like they are.

There is no maximum length. If you say there is a maximum length, that means that you are not allowed to have anything longer.

There is a recommended maximum length of 64 chars. That means that you are allowed to use more than 64 chars, but it might not work out so well.

Those are two distinctly different scenarios, and the difference between them will be relevant to a significant number of webbies. That’s why you were picked up on it - as someone who can spend hours arguing over the semantics of things that are utterly trivial and irrelevant, you can’t expect to be slapdash about terminology that matters and not be corrected on it.