<title> question?

Its of my pages must have diferent keywords on <title> ? and also how many in each one

Use as many as you need to tell visitors what the page is about.

Absolutely correct, it depends on you.

You should use max 65 characters as title.

thank you for your replys , i must you commas , on between

need to use different keywords, but title must disclose the meaning of the page \ Site

You can use as many as you want but the length of the title should not exceed more than 70 characters. Choose your title wisely so that it can clear the content of the page.

For reference, why should your title not exceed 70 characters?

As already rightly said, you should write your title as clearly and as concisely as you can for your users, containing the necessary keywords for you to rank for the main term you are targeting.

Because that’s the limit on what Google will display in the SERP, I actually thought it was 65 but whatever…

You can use 70 characters in your title tag. Try to use different title for all pages because Google Webmaster Tools shows the error in it with the duplicate titles. Also Google want the page title to be related to the content so that the user gets the desired result as per the searches.

Google can will crawl only 65 character in tittle. So 65 character good white hat SEO.

It is 65 (to my knowledge); I just wanted it to be put into writing so that there’s some references to the posts we get from newer members.

I would use more than i could.This is a good way to attract visitors

you can target 3-4 keywords in the title tag…

Yes. 65 is the limit.

Each pages of the site must have different meta’s. For the title of course you must have a different title for each pages because the content of it was not same in each pages, You will get trouble if you would have same title’s on different pages.

Yeah, but don’t be so aggressive with keyword, for you will get penalize in having so much.