Title tag questions!

Hi there…

I know that there is a length to key words “shown” on the title in the listing. BUT does the google spider read more of the key words in the title that go beyond that 62 character limit?

Would a long title tag get flagged?

Yes . google will crawl title title lenght beyond 62. The Character length of title tag would be 10 - 60 characters. But 60 to 70 is the best character lenght for title tag.

Yes, Google processes titles over 300 characters, but only shows 60-70. Read: http://www.hugoguzman.com/2010/05/dont-believe-the-hype-google-does-fully-index-long-title-tags/

Only if it’s spammy - not because it’s long…

Use about 65 characters and prioritize the main keyword of your business using it in the first part of the title.

Thanks for all your answers!

yes definitely google consider beyond 62 character title…but 60 to 65 character title is the best one.