Thougt this was cute. so posting it here

Hehe. Jokes like might become less relevant as IE starts to join the party—if indeed it truly does. But all the same, the IE-hating legacy will take a while to wear off. :smiley:

The tragedy for IE is that it’s tied to Microsoft, which still has other major issues to shake off (OSes, email etc.) before the web community can truly stop hating it.

totes! I also sincerely hope it joins the party. catches up to the bandwagon…whatever. Still it was cute :slight_smile:

It’s cute :slight_smile: However, I’m far more inclined to put Firefox in that particular slot of shame instead of IE. FF has some very serious speed problems especially involving JavaScripts.

Even I find it very cute :slight_smile: good going.

I posted something similar on our Facebook page a couple of months back and it was the most popular post we’ve ever had!

hahahaha nice post but some time FF also gives company to IE

As human beings we tend to latch onto ‘common goals’ even those of disliking (hating?) something. It is one of the very strange psychological phenomenon that we all share.

Found this as well on the interwebs. But so far ie still takes the cake. especially 8.

that one is kinda funny. Really if you imagine that IE would not even get from the ground if it wasn’t a part of windows. I only see people using it who have no idea they can also download others to work with, like my mom. :slight_smile:

hahahah! i saw this post on Google +… Poor internet explorer… but it’s true though… LOL

This is superb and pretty. All three most famous internet browser are situated with each other.

I count 5 … :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: Love it. I actually laughed at it. It is very right…that thing is incredibly slow most of the time and a huge pain for designers and developers. There was an Australian retail website that went as far as introducing a Internet Explorer tax on all purchases. I found the link to the article here.

Ha! That’s brilliant.

seems like almost everyone’s older parents have ie

Well, most of the older people just know where to click to “get to the internet”. And IE comes be default, so they are used to it.

hehe, great! However as many said before me, FF is slow too.

Here is something you might find useful in facebook , I hope you guys like it.

Ya ofcourse, whatever browser we use, it should be user friedly. Slow processing browser irritates. Almost everybody says, FF is slow but that is the only good browser for SEO bookmarkings in my perspection.